Seven Wild Gadgets Unveiled at CES 2017

LG exhibited a new levitating speaker. (LG)

LG exhibited a new levitating speaker. (LG)

Last week, more than 165,000 people from 150 countries flocked to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Now in its 50th year, the event showcases next generation technology to infiltrate every aspect of your life. And this year, the more than 3,800 exhibiting companies did not disappoint, introducing attendees to smart-everything from Bluetooth-enabled toasters to spaceship-like concept cars.

Though some of these products could improve quality of life (at least for those who can afford them), others seem just plain wacky. But this eccentricity is all part of technological evolution, Mark Hung, a vice president at Gartner Research, explains to the Associated Press.

"When an industry is nascent, you will see experimentation," he says. "Companies will throw things against the wall to see what sticks."

What do you think? Will any of these seven gadgets go mainstream?