SLB Day 4 - Sanctuary

This is an awesome panorama my mom took from the top of the sanctuary climb.  You can actually see part of the sanctuary to the left of the photo!  The only place to go from here is down!

Day 4 started off with an early morning swim.  This was an awesome way to strech out my legs and get everything moving again after the day off.  I need to remember to incorporate more swimming into my workouts.  At the end of the swim, I did some 100m intervals alternating between IM and free.  It was pretty fun!  I don't think I've swum an IM since middle school!  On the way back to the car we passed by an open air market.  I love all the piles of fruit and veggies!

After a delicious breakfast of muesli, yogurt, and fruit we hopped right back on the bikes and headed to do figure 8 - shaped loop with two main destinations for the day: the sanctuary and the quarry.  This ride was talked up so much the day before that my nerves were on edge by the time we left for the day. 

Anyways, we wound our way out of the valley up towards the base of the climb to the sanctuary.  This one was short but sweet, we had ~1.5K of 15-18% grade climb!  It was steep, it was slow, but it was awesome!!  It was fun to look down.  John actually pointed out a bridge all the way down in the valley where we will be riding the following day.  The funny thing was, though that if we descended down into the valley, we had to get out at some point!  Here are some pictures of the gang celebrating at the top of sanctuary:

Finally, I feel obligated to post this final picture because my mom dragged her tri bike all the way up the sanctuary climb.  I think this is probably one of the few tri bikes that will have ever been photographed at the top of this climb!

Posted on February 25, 2013 .