Antarctic Birthday

My 24th birthday was just a few days ago down here in Antarctica.  I was initially a little sad about the day, being so far from family and friends back home.  However, my team did their best to make it a great day.  Majority of my lab group are currently out at Lake Fryxell field camp so they baked me a delicious cake and sent it back on the helo in a box of "keep cold" samples.  In lieu of candles, they used yellow pipette tips around the edges and a large white tip in the middle!  It was delicious!

The last couple pieces of the apple cake!

Lab Glove Balloon sent from Lake Fryxell

My adviser also had the kitchen bake a little personal cake for me: vanilla cake with white chocolate covering and a little purple flower on top!

Although most of the day was spent working, Yo and I took a couple hours in the evening off to go for a hike around hut point.  The hike took us up on the ridge along the frozen coastline and toward the NASA observatory dome.  It was a perfect day for a hike, with temperatures up to around 40deg F!
Posted on December 12, 2010 .