Talent Show!

So, I meant to write this post a while ago, but just realized that I didn't get around to it. Last week was the annual Toolik Talent Show! It was really great to see what everyone put together. Acts ranged from a sword fighting routine and a belly dance to instrumental numbers.

Tyler, our EMT, performed a song he wrote himself. He dedicated to wondering souls, of which there are quite a few at Toolik. I actually took a video of his performance because I really liked the song and think that it is actually quite suited for my situation these days (except in the song I would be the guy). I thought you all might appreciate it.

Another amusing act was Colin and Peter, who performed the magic carpet ride song from the Disney classic, Aladdin. I was actually laughing so hard throughout this whole act that I couldn't video it, but the picture says it all.

Aleah then stole the show with her saw performance. She actually brought up her own personal saw and bow to play in camp. This is a short video of her performing the end of "Blue Skies." I love how the saw sounds. It's an earie sort of sound...

Last but by far not the least was the "Thermokarst Dynamics" group, who performed the Toolik rendition of "We didn't start the fire" or rather "We didn't start the sauna." It was such a great act! They included just about every running joke we have had this summer (and some original lyrics as well as current events including Sarah Palin's resignation) paired with pictures in a powerpoint and performed to the rhythem, rhyming scheme, and tune of "We didn't start the fire." This group took home the coveted first prize ... a 1,000 piece puzzle!

Posted on August 11, 2009 and filed under Party, music, talent show.