First Snow and Deadhorse

This past month has been fairly dry, but the skies opened up last night and it poured! As the night wore on, the downpour turned to snow...We woke this morning to almost 3 in of snow on the ground! (picture left, snowy Toolik Field Station from afar)

Since it was my day off of work, I decided to head with a group up to Deadhorse and Prudoe Bay to explore a bit and drop Breck, one of the PI's off at the airport. It was about a 3 hour drive north to ... well, not much.

Deadhorse is about as cheerful as its name sounds. The "town" is basically an industrial wasteland. The buildings are all metal sided boxes. We dropped Breck off at the airport and then headed to the one general store located above the sigle hardware store...and that was about it. There were a couple hotels which housed the only resteraunts ... so we decided to go home to Toolik.

Kate and I posing infront of the sign posted at the general store

There were Environmental Protection signs all over the place ... a little ironic in such an industrial place ...

We did sucessfully see some wildlife on our trip however. On the ride up, we saw a bunch of muskox hanging out right by the road! On the way back we saw several caribou.

Posted on August 10, 2009 and filed under Prudoe, Snow, wildlife.