Who I Am...

I am an avid cyclist and enjoy exploring the great outdoors in any means possible—via bike, boats, or on foot!  I love to travel and my research takes me all over the globe: from the mountainous landscapes of Svalbard to the expansive ice sheets in Antarctica.  These passions spur my deep commitment to the preservation of our environment and the concise and accurate communication of environmental science to a greater audience.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or have a story to tell at: mweihaas@gmail.com

What I do...

I am a contributing assistant editor for science and innovations at Smithsonian.com.

In 2015, I defended my phD in Environmental Chemistry at Ohio State University and went on to become an AAAS Mass Media Fellow at National Geographic.

Through my stories and images I hope to share my passion for the processes that shape our planet.

Playing around in Costa Rica

Lake Linne in Svalbard